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1. Create Layers

Just like in any Image Editor

2. Style Them

Outer / Inner Shadow, Border, Bevel, etc...

3. Export to CSS

Fully CSS3 with Browser prefixes


32bit / 64bit





What is it?

CSS-Shack is a Chrome Web / Desktop App , which allows you to create Layers Styles (just like you would in any other image editing software), and export them into a single CSS file.

Notable Features

  • ✔    Runs in Chrome as Chrome Web App
  • ✔    Available as a Desktop application
  • ✔    Fully CSS3 compatible
  • ✔    Images support
  • ✔    11 filters
  • ✔    Works offline

Where can I use it?

You can create website designs, mockups or just simple button. CSS-Shack is the right tool for the job.

Is it Free?

The browser version is free, with the limitation that you can only have one document stored at a time.

The desktop version can be evaluted as long as it's neccessary, but for exporting and continued use it requires a license.

What do I get if I purchase?

  • ✔    CSS-Shack for desktops
  • ✔    License to all your personal computers
  • ✔    Free updates until the next major version
  • ✔    Email support